Mission & Vision Statements

Western Hills University High School Mission Statement

The mission of the Western Hills University High School is to graduate all students prepared to attend the post-secondary institution/training of their choice.

Vision Statement

WE Stand Together with HIGH Expectations

At Western Hills, we believe:

  • Curriculum will push us to ask “essential questions.”
  • Our studies will lead us to become critical thinkers.
  • We will excel beyond standardized tests, working both individually and collaboratively to prepare for a lifetime of learning.

GRAD Cincinnati Mission Statement

The mission of Project GRAD is to ensure a quality public education for all children in economically disadvantaged communities, so that the high school graduation rate increases and graduates are prepared to enter and graduate from college.

Local School Behavior Plan

The purpose of the behavior plan for the Western Hills University High School (students, staff, parents, and citizens) is to promote a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages personal growth and academic and social learning.  Acceptance of personal responsibility, respect for self, and respect for others requires all to strive to exemplify these virtues: Caring, Honesty, Justice, Courage, Self-Discipline, and Wisdom.