Maj. Gen. Jeff Snow to West Hi Students: “Life is about deeds, not words”

February 15, 2018

Western Hills University High School students sat a little straighter in their seats in the school library on the morning of January 25, 2018. They knew a general of the U.S. Army was among them.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Snow visited a group of about 50 students to share his 34 years of experience in the Army and answer their questions about joining the military after high school. His visit was perfect timing, as many juniors are starting to pivot from exploring potential options for after high school to firming up those post-graduation plans. 

Snow, the commanding general of United States Army Recruiting Command, was eager to share his personal story and ask other military personnel visiting with him to contribute advice for students as they considered whether the military was a good fit for them.

“Your plans for after high school don’t have to be either a job or an education,” said Snow, referencing the benefits he received from taking advantage of the G.I. Bill to pursue multiple degrees, including masters’ degrees in social psychology and strategic studies.

Snow shared that there are more than 150 specialties within the Army, from nursing and medicine to engineering, information technology, and more.

“If you have a desire to serve and a willingness to learn, you can do that with the Army while also pursuing your passion, whether that is business, medicine, technology, mechanics and engineering, or something else.”

Students were engaged and enthusiastic in the conversation with Snow. They asked about the physical rigor of basic training, what it was like being away from home and family, being deployed or in active combat, and the specific benefits associated with different pathways within the Army. They even broached difficult topics, such as the potential for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or the assurance that all roles were not only open to men and women equally, but also offer equal pay.

Snow also referenced several resources available to students—regardless of their interest in the military. One of those resources is March2Success, which offers free standardized test preparation. 

“Life is about deeds, not words,” Snow summarized. “No matter what you do after high school, make sure your actions reflect who you are.”