Students to Demonstrate Firefighter Training Exercises at Western Hills University High School 

October 19, 2021

Western Hills firefighting students.The scene in front of Western Hills High School on Wednesday morning may look like this: students will be hoisting a heavy fire hose around their shoulders or lifting a 20-foot ladder to a second-floor window, all while dressed in heavy fire coats and other gear.   

The 20 students participating in the hands-on training are hoping to become firefighters someday. They are completing these exercises for the school's Demonstration Day to highlight the two-year firefighting-training program. Instructor Willie Jones retired from the Cincinnati Fire Department after 34 years and now shares his experience and knowledge with the 60 students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in the program.  

The Demonstration Day will include exercises at six stations:

  • Students will demonstrate the importance of protective clothing
  • Students will assemble and demonstrate the use and importance of a breathing apparatus
  • Students will raise ladders to reach a second-story window
  • Students will demonstrate the rescue of a firefighter
  • Students will connect a fire hose to obtain a water supply  
  • Students will demonstrate the use of axes and chainsaws for ventilation and forcible entry

By the time the Western Hills students graduate, they will have completed enough coursework and training to apply for an emergency medical technician license and enroll in more advanced fire technology coursework required to become a firefighter or paramedic.

When: 9:15–10 a.m. Wednesday, October 20

Where: Western Hills University High School, 2144 Ferguson Rd. (Demonstrations will take place in front of the school.)