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Destination : Success

Where Leaders Are Made For Life…

Destination : Success, named by Brianna Lockridge and Dennis Smith from the class of 2011, is WHUHS after school program created for the students and by the students. Ownership of the program is achieved by the student body through student surveys where input is given on what clubs and activities should be brought into the school. Students are also provided with leadership opportunities where they can facilitate a club of their interest. What makes this a unique program is the student has the freedom to decide when they will attend. Whether a student comes once a week or everyday, resources are put in place for them to be successful both academically and socially.

The after school program has three academic components: study table, the College and Career Center, and teacher-led help nights. After students have selected a club or activity to join, it is required that they attend one of these academic sessions on the day the club or activity meets prior to attending the extracurricular session. Again, the activities drive when students attend Destination : Success.

Many activities have been introduced that are popular among our student body. Some of the most popular clubs are the step team, drill team, key club, Men Organized Respected and Educated (M.O.R.E.) and robotics. An activity that has generated a high level of interest is AAA Driving School, offered here on WHUHS campus through a partnership with AAA and the Cincinnati Police Department. The sole purpose of the after school program is to get students more involved in their academics through fun activities that develop leadership skills and strengthen self-esteem.

Another vital component to the after school program is our meal program. Kids Cafe, in collaboration with the Freestore Foodbank and Cincinnati Cooks!, offers students who are staying after school a hot, well-balanced meal. This gives students a healthy alternative to all of the fast food restaurants that surround our school campus. Our goal is to have all students manage the time they spend after school effectively so that everything we offer is beneficial to them.